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A bit childish...

Fortune's Pawn - Rachel Bach

Scifi book, where female leading character named her guns! Every time I read it, I cringe.


Random thoughts on the writing style


  • The narrator of this book is female protagonist Devi Morris, bad and ambitious ass-kicker, and the greatest melee fighter of her generation (or so she tells us herself). Her voice is flat, young-adultish/teen, imature and not very intellegent. This bad ass immediately falls for the cook named Rupert. And she named her guns and gear/suit, Sacha, Lady Gray. Come on.


  • This book is fantasy book masquerading itself as a scifi book. In comparison with young-adult scifi books (which are actually cheesy romance+comics), it is definitely an improvement. And let's be clear - I like urban-fantasy books. But I have high standards for scifi genre. I prefer Honor Harrington books.



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If you really want to read good scifi, I would recommend

going through the Brin list: it contains scifi classics as

well as many recent books such as Hunger Games,







And now we are at the subject of scifi vs fantasy, here is your visual guide: