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Dr. House and ER in space

Hospital Station - James White

This is one of the most undervalued and overlooked gems in the science fiction genre.



Welcome to the Sector 12 General Hospital, the first intergalactic hospital where a multitude of species are employed and treated.




Meet the team of devoted specialists, nurses, technicians, and...






(Actually, the picture is not accurate; the hospital employs not only human species). Here, all species are classified by a four-letter system, according to their natural habitat and physical characteristics. (Reminds me of the periodic table.)



periodic table


The department of diagnostics is very famous, and is a dream career step for ambitious medics. But only the most bright and mentally strong ones can eventually make it to this department. No, there is no sociopath, drug addict House leading this deparment. Diagnosicians carry multiple Educator tapes (memories) to facilitate treatment of patients of the respective species. But the tapes cause funny personality issues and turn their host into a sociopath.


Most of the books in the Sector General series is a collection of interrelated novellas in the spirit of “House, MD” episodes. Each story evolves around a mysterious medical condition that the medics and diagnosticians have to diagnose under time pressure, and come up with a proper treatment.


Everybody lies 


And, of course, this book has awesome characters.


Major O'Mara


"Are you having a problem with Prilicla?" O'Mara asked.
"No! No," Conway said, startled into looking up at O'Mara briefly.
"That would be yes, then," O'Mara said drily.



Earth-ling, male, the mysterious administrator of this giant hospital and, most importantly, head of the Psychology department. He observes mental health of the personnel to ensure that different species can work together. No one knows what he does in his spare time (and if he has any), and everyone fears to end up in his office, if only because of the famously inconvenient seats.


The first novelleta of this book gives a hint on how millitary officer O'Mara ended up in charge of this giant hospital.



Dr. Conway



Very intellegent, ambitious Earth-human, male. Like House character, he is addicted to medical mysteries. Not a drug abuser, he dislikes humans, but gets along with other species.

Dr. Prilicla


 cameron mosquito


Don't worry, there is no interracial romance. Dr. Prilicla is similar in spirit to the character of Dr. Cameron due to his emphatic nature. He feels emotions of others, which is invaluable for the diagnostic deparment. But this and his fragile physical appearance create a lot of trouble for his well-being.

Dr. Thornnastor (aka Thorny)






Thorny, native to Traltha planet, is not an average alien-looking-like-elephant. He is the gossip of the hospital, beloved by nurses. He is also in charge of Pathology section of the hospital and often assists the diagnostic department. Loves Earth humor, and despite his menacing weight, a well-tempered guy.



Nurse Naydrad


nurse caterpillar


Smart but cranky nurse of Kelgian species is incapable of lying, and does not fear to voice her opinions to the doctors. Often works with the diagnostics deparment and is one of the highly esteemed nurses of the hospital.





Sexy nurse in the Pathology department, female Earth-ling. She is the right hand of Thorny, and often helps the diagnostics department. 

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A bit childish...

Fortune's Pawn - Rachel Bach

Scifi book, where female leading character named her guns! Every time I read it, I cringe.


Random thoughts on the writing style


  • The narrator of this book is female protagonist Devi Morris, bad and ambitious ass-kicker, and the greatest melee fighter of her generation (or so she tells us herself). Her voice is flat, young-adultish/teen, imature and not very intellegent. This bad ass immediately falls for the cook named Rupert. And she named her guns and gear/suit, Sacha, Lady Gray. Come on.


  • This book is fantasy book masquerading itself as a scifi book. In comparison with young-adult scifi books (which are actually cheesy romance+comics), it is definitely an improvement. And let's be clear - I like urban-fantasy books. But I have high standards for scifi genre. I prefer Honor Harrington books.



 list logo

If you really want to read good scifi, I would recommend

going through the Brin list: it contains scifi classics as

well as many recent books such as Hunger Games,







And now we are at the subject of scifi vs fantasy, here is your visual guide:



The Rising - Kelley Armstrong

Finally, one book where female MC fell for her long-term friend. But this change of heart (in contrast with the book 1) was too sudden, and thus, unbelievable.

The Calling (Darkness Rising) - Kelley Armstrong

2.5 stars.


This reminds me of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie - Part 1: run, dodge, sit around planning, but nothing really happens.

Plain Kate

Plain Kate - Erin Bow Very sad and moving.

The Transfer: A Divergent Story

Four: The Transfer: A Divergent Story - Veronica Roth Nothing new really, except the aptitude test details.

House of Suns

House of Suns - Alastair Reynolds It took a chapter or two to warm up, but it is a brilliant book!


Daemon - Daniel Suarez I'm torn between 4 and 5 stars for this book.

The story is very thrilling and very realistic (ok, to some extend). Evil genius mastermind Sobol is revealed almost immediately. Yet, the real suspense is whether Sobol's Daemon can be terminated...

As of 2013, some of the scifi parts are not so fictional anymore (for example, autonomous or driverless cars). I didn't like religious cliche in this book - every character that turns to Daemon has no faith, no religion. And, it has to be emphasized by the author *over and over again*. Annoying.

A Captain and a Corset

A Captain and a Corset - Mary Wine The story should be standalone. Yet, since the background goes back to the book 1, the author made some unfortunate choices with writing.

The Host: A Novel

The Host - Stephenie Meyer DNF: Another bad experience of young-adult scifi romance.

The story could have been even romantic (some issues aside), if not the whole face slapping/beatings/humiliation/etc. of the main female character by angry mob, including her past and present love interests.

Fool Moon (The Dresden Files, Book 2)

Fool Moon - Jim Butcher 4.5 stars

Computational Discrete Mathematics: Combinatorics and Graph Theory with Mathematica ®

Computational Discrete Mathematics: Combinatorics And Graph Theory With Mathematica - Sriram V. Pemmaraju, Steven S. Skiena Unfortunately, not everything is compatible with the new Mathematica.

Path of Destruction: A Novel of the Old Republic (Star Wars: Darth Bane)

Path of Destruction - Drew Karpyshyn DNF

Struggled for a long time with it, but completely lost an interest at some point. This book is leaning towards the style of new Star Wars (prequels), and that is probably why I could not care less for all the lightsaber fights, Jedi trainings, etc. No mystery, no puzzle to solve, just sequence of actions. Or, maybe I could not connect to the main character and his goals. A pity...

Schaum's Outline of Graph Theory: Including Hundreds of Solved Problems

Schaum's Outline of Graph Theory: Including Hundreds of Solved Problems - V. Balakrishnan Nice exercise material for students. The only issue is that each solution appears right after the problem.


Seraphina - Rachel Hartman The end reminded me another book, Cashore's Bitterblue.