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Obsidian (A Lux Novel)

Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout The book can hardly be called scifi, but as a paranormal one, it is fast-paced and entertaining.

Katy and her mom move one day to a town in West Virginia from Florida, leaving their old life and memories of her dad who died from a cancer. Katy is left mainly to herself because the mom is a nurse in a local hospital. So, we meet Katy on her first day in the new place. She meets her neighbours, twins Dee and Daemon. Of course, Deamon is a breath-taking guy (what did you expect from the young-adult book?), and he acts as an absolute jerk. Dee is very friendly and nice, and immediately befriends Katy. And soon it is clear that both siblings are hiding something...

While reading the book, many times I found myself in a complete accord with the main character Katy: we both were clueless as of what is going on. Why do people around act so weird? Why did Katy's mom choose small town to flee from the memories? Isn't it easier to start new life in the big city with lots of new people? I found Daemon annoying and his behaviour absurd - instead of guarding his so-called secret, he kept shouting left and right about 'Katy's kind'. In the beginning Dee was kind of funny with her annoying attitude toward Katy ('Can we keep her?').

3 stars, since most of the book Katy and I had the same feeling of 'huh? what?' Plus, some humor in the dialogs, and the trick with Katy being nerdish book lover.

Not very surprising, Obsidian is based on a Twilight saga plot; paranormal creatures like vampires and werewolves are replaced by the alien species in a human form. The more detailed similarities between this book and Twilight is pointed out quite well by Maja in her review.